Grandma’s cheese spaetzle – cookery course at the Kriegeralpe in Lech

Following a walk in the mountains of Lech, you can enjoy one of the most traditional Vorarlberg dishes – cheese spaetzle (also known as Käsespätzle or Käsknöpfle). Guests can take a cheese spaetzle cookery course with landlord Gerhard Lucian on request in summer and learn how to make this original Vorarlberg cheese spaetzle dish based on grandma’s own recipe.

What are cheese spaetzle?

Cheese spaetzle are one of the most traditional dishes served on the Arlberg and consists of flour, eggs, water, salt, a fresh grated cheese mix, butter and roasted onions. The dish can be enjoyed alone or with potato salad or apple sauce. Cheese spaetzle are good hearty food which never goes out of fashion.

The ascent to the Kriegeralpe as part of the experience

During the approx. 45 minute walk up to the Kriegeralpe above Lech, you can get closer to nature, step by step. En route to the Burg Alm Kriegeralpe, hikers will see knapweed, foxgloves and orchids as well as the yellow lady’s slipper. The chiming of cowbells and bleating of goats warms the heart while the delicate grassy scent of mountain pine is mixed with the fresh mountain air. With a bit of luck, you might even see a golden eagle as it hovers between the ground and skies with its giant wingspan.

Once at the Kriegeralpe, you can treat yourself to a snack of bread and cheese or watch landlord Gerhard Lucian as he prepares cheese spaetzle made to grandma’s recipe.

Registering for the cheese spaetzle cookery course at the Kriegeralpe

  • Dates: on request in summer
  • Includes: cookery course, cheese spaetzle and salad
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