Winterhiking in Lech
10. November, 2015

Winter walk from Oberlech to the Kriegeralpe

Anyone who doesn’t fancy skiing in winter, can try a winter or high mountain walk. The winter trail from Oberlech via Tannegg up to the Kriegeralpe is perfect for beginners. The ascent via prepared winter trails extends over around 3 km with the majority of the route being away from the pistes. Only the last... View Article

Grandma’s Käsespätzle (cheese dumplings) – cookery course at the Kriegeralpe in Lech
10. November, 2015

Grandma’s cheese spaetzle – cookery course at the Kriegeralpe in Lech

Following a walk in the mountains of Lech, you can enjoy one of the most traditional Vorarlberg dishes – cheese spaetzle (also known as Käsespätzle or Käsknöpfle). Guests can take a cheese spaetzle cookery course with landlord Gerhard Lucian every Tuesday in summer and learn how to make this original Vorarlberg cheese spaetzle dish based on grandma’s... View Article