Winter walk from Oberlech to the Kriegeralpe

Anyone who doesn’t fancy skiing in winter, can try a winter or high mountain walk. The winter trail from Oberlech via Tannegg up to the Kriegeralpe is perfect for beginners. The ascent via prepared winter trails extends over around 3 km with the majority of the route being away from the pistes. Only the last metre up to the Kriegeralpe runs alongside the piste.

Once at the Kriegeralpe, you can warm up by the fireplace or on warm days, relax on the bench outside the lodge or sunbathe on a recliner. Hikers can recharge their batteries with a hearty meal and perhaps even a schnapps or glass of wine.

Experience the winter-walk in this video

In a fast-forward mode you can experience the complete walk from the bus-station in Oberlech to the Kriegeralpe restaurant below:

Back down to the valley by cable car if required

Anyone who wants to spend more time at the Kriegeralpe or is too tired for the return journey can head to the mountain station of the Petersboden-Bahn cable car just a few metres below the Kriegeralpe and take the cable car back, right up to the point of the last valley descent. From the valley station, it is just a few metres to the Burg Hotel.

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