History of the Kriegeralpe

The Tannberg-style Kriegeralpe still operates a dairy and during the summer months, keeps 12 cows and two horses. The products made at the Alpine dairy are used at the company’s own restaurant and the Alpine cheese is also used in the Lecher Käserei cheese dairy.

The 73 ha Walser-Alpe most probably derives its name from the word ‘Chriager’ which in the Walser dialect means ‘Means of transporting manure and topsoil up steep slopes’. Locals also think that the name ‘Krieger’ may be derived from a plant which grows in the Alpine region. It could be the case that arnica, known for its healing powers, gave rise to the name Kriegeralpe because the word Krieger is used for arnica in other areas.

The community of Lech is home to 25 mountain lodges and the Kriegeralpe is one of them. Despite its rapid transformation from a mountain village into a tourist community, only two mountain lodges in Lech have been abandoned since the 1950s.

Alpine dairy

Cows and horses are as much a part of the Alpine summer as cheese and sausages are part of a traditional snack. In summer, our local dairy makes its own Alpine and cream cheese.

The cheese is rubbed with the finest Bad Ischl salt and herbs, matured and then carefully prepared and served up at the Kriegeralpe or Hotel Burg in Oberlech.

In summer, the dairy also produces butter, fresh yoghurts and curd which form part of the mountain breakfast.

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